The Amsterdam Red Light District was founded in 2005, when 4 good friends decided to start Rock n ‘ Rolling!

Vocals: Elio / Guitar : Maxxx / Bass : Greg / Drums: Chan

After a couple of compositions, TARLD has taken its place with a specific sound and identity: a combination between Punk and Hardcore, with a unique personal touch, and with such influences as Refused, The Bronx, The Ghost of a Thousand or The Bled….

Sweating, screaming, sharing feelings and believing in the uniqueness of each and every moment spent with the audience… Playing live is the single most important thing for the band! TARLD has performed at an important number of shows across all Europe with such internationally famous bands as Refused, Anti-Flag, Thrice; 36 Crazyfists, Comeback Kid, Slayer, and so on…

In February 2009, the band shot the music video for its very first single “Shine A Life”, broadcasted on the channels belonging to the group Lagardère (MCM France, Belgium, and Virgin 17).

During the summer of 2009, TARLD recorded its very first album “Dear Diary”, notably including a featuring with the charismatic singer from the Texan band The Bled (Vagrant Records/Rise Records), James Isaiah Munoz. The album came out in February 2010 on Red Light Records.

The band insured the promotion of this first album by touring in 9 different countries in about 6 months, travelling a distance of over 10,000 kilometers (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, UK..). The tour was supported by Rockstar Energy France and Stars Music.

During 2011, TARLD released a new EP “I’m Not Insane” including 4 new songs. The band released the music video for its new eponym single, this time broadcasted on the channel Direct Star, from the Canal+ France group.

Between April and May 2012, TARLD travelled once more on the England, Wales, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany roads in order to promote this new EP (with about 20 shows in total).

In March 2012, The Amsterdam Red Light District won the European Contest Macbeth, appearing among 500 groups and taking into account 30,000 votes, which gave the band the opportunity of illustrating itself at the Groezrock Festival 2012. The band will also participate in 2 major European festivals this year: Mair1 Festival (Germany) and Rockstorm Festival (France).

In 2013, TARLD began writing a new album, while touring once more, playing at such important festivals as the Resurrection Festival in Spain, Tells Bells Festival in Germany, and Sylak Festival in France.

In July 2014, TARLD recorded its second album, full of promises and surprises, released on the 26th of November 2014. Justin Schlosberg from the band Hell is for Heroes (Epitaph Records/Burning Heart Records) has notably invited himself on one of the singles. The band promoted this album thanks to new European tours, which started in October 2014 (UK, Europe). Major medias over the world began to spread the word about Gone For A While (Kerrang, Rocksound, Revolver, PunkNews, Absolutepunk...).

End of 2017…3 years after, the band is back to record new materials, with a brand new sound and a new album out in March 2018 : Sapere Aude. The band recorded and mixed it at Treehouse Studio (UK – Bullet For My Valentine, Slayer, Slipknot, While She Sleeps, Fear Factory…) and at Fux Studio (Villeurbanne, France). TARLD is really pleased to have Liam Cormier from Cancer Bats as a guest. « This is far the best songs we wrote so far » the band said.